The way we work is, firstly dogs are vet checked and anything that needs to be done or updated is, such as vaccines etc. Then, they are assessed and we go through our forms to see who matches the dogs needs, such as some dogs may not be suited to be in homes to which have other dogs etc. We then contact those who are suitable and go from there. So therefore, if you have not been contacted yet, then you do not match the current dogs needs which are in our care, but would be contacted if/when you do.


Recently Adopted






Harry was in a terrible state when he came to us, with his twin brother, but boy did they fight, so we rehomed them seperately, so now Harry is enjoying a retired life near the sea and get visits and walks from the granchildren. He soon made his mark and changed from being a foster to a failed foster and got adopted x



Bella was another youngster that came in to the rescue like a tornado, but she soon teamed up with Jaffa to go and live with their forever parents, both loving life and loving each other, trashing the garden and the house....they need an award for taking on 2 young nutty boxer pups x

Maddie, now Mabel


Kaci, now Lulu

Kaci soon found her forever home with another of our rescues, Archie/Archer and their pug Darcey. She soon settled in and became one of the family, showing them how much she appreciates being there, being loved and cared for x

Billy, now Jaffa

Jaffa came in to my home like an explosion, being

such a young pup. But he soon found his forever home with previous boxer owners who had the year before lost their beloved boxer. He stole their hearts and destroyed most of their home but they love him to bits and came back for more as you will see above...(Bella) x


Marley soon found his home with a family who have previously adopted from CSDBR. Own their own butchery business so he has endless supply of bones. 

He is adored by the familys little dog and the children, he wont want for anything, hes a lucky boy x


Alfie, now Ralph

This young boy was a bundle of fun to have in and soon found his forever home, to live with another boxer with a family with young children, he fitted in so well and is enjoying life x


Bracken was quite a sad case when she came to us, she had been shared by a few breeders and then sent to our rescue when she was no longer needed for breeding purposes. We had Bracken spayed and all her vaccinations, worm, flea, kennel cough brought up to date. She now lives with another CSDBR boxer, Niall, they adore each other and are adored by their owners, very spoilt as it should be x


In December  2018 I decided that we were ready to give a boxer a forever home. I contacted a rescue centre and the lady asked me the following day if I would take a dog over xmas. I was shocked but said yes, this dog was not checked in any way etc. However having rushed around and got everything ready I heard nothing. I called...nothing. In Jan I called and was told the dog didnt come in...thanks for letting me know ! This happened 3 times and then I looked at the Cornwall and South Devon Boxer Rescue. I completed a form, contacted a week later, was home checked by the lovely Deb and Logan xx and then offered Mickey. Well Mickey is mad, boxer mad, he is amazing, he makes us laugh non stop. He is big and an idiot but thats what we wanted. He is the most beautiful boy and I want to say THANK YOU to Angie and everyone at CSDBR. What you do is amazing and you are very caring. I would never contact the other centre again. Having found you, you now hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you all so much XXXXXX



My name is Maddie and my Mummy and Papa adopted me from Cornwall and South Devon Boxer Rescue. Their 12 year old dog Boris died and my humans didn't think they'd ever have another dog. All that has changed thanks to CSDBR. I am the best thing thats happened to them in years. I am adorable, loved so much and I give wonderful kisses and cuddles! At first, I was terrified of a ball and didn't know how to play with toys, all that changed and I'm so happy. After 5 months, I barked for the first time last week and scared myself so much I ran indoors! Thank you so much Lynsey and Angie at CSDBR for making us all so happy xx


This amazing young boy was rehomed to a lovely home with a young bitch, from day 1 you would have thought they had always been together, such a bonded pair, spending days up on the moors and being thoroughly spoilt x


This lovely lady is now being spoilt by John and his family, and is happily enjoying her new life.

Coco and Daisy

Happily rehomed together, mother and daughter spend a lot of their time on the local beaches enjoying themselves. We were so glad to find a home for them together as they really are inseperable. Both these girls are fit and healthy and settled in so well x


Very happy to say that Jenny is very settled in her new forever foster home, she has a new best friend Tom to love and care for her. Thank you so much to Tom and his family for taking on Jenny and giving her the perfect home she needed. We will miss Jenny as she has been with us a while and has been such a pleasure to have around. 
Hope to catch up with you at a boxer meet sometime.
Good Luck Jenny and have a happy new life.


Good luck to Coco in her forever home, and thank you for providing this lovely lady the life she deserves.

Boycie (was Tyson)

Boycie was rehomed to a loving family who's grandparents have a CSDBR dog. This water loving boy, who was previously a stud dog, is enjoying his new family life in St Austell, close to many beaches for him to swim at.


Butch was rehomed with Scott in Essex, thank you for giving him his forever home, we know he's going to love his new life with you, especially with all the walking you do. Exploring the local Country Park as soon as they got home.


Dowson was adopted by Philip and Lewis in 2014, on one of his stays with our welfare officer, he met Poppy and the two got on really well. Philip had been wanting a friend for Dowson for sometime and just had to win Lewis around. Poppy returned to Exeter with Dowson after his stay and soon won Lewis over, fitting into ther lives perfectly. A few days later they asked if they could adopt her.


We know she'll have an amazing life and so much fun with Dowson. Thank you Philip and Lewis we couldn't wish for a better future for her.


Joe has been adopted by a lovely couple in Feock who are spoiling him rotten. He's loving his new life and enjoying their retirement with them.


KC has been rehomed and is a forever foster. This is due to his cruciate ligament being damaged and the repair work was not done when it happened several years ago, meaning he would be uninsurable so the charity pays for his medical care for life.


KC has gone off to his forever home with Tom, Jade, and Mylo. Thank you for giving this fantastic boy the home he deserves.




Very happy to see this young lady happliy settling into her new forever home in Devon. Her new family has young children for her to play with and a dog sister Peggy, a Bedlington Terrier.




Buddy all settled in his new forever home, his new owners say it's like he's always been there. We are so pleased for Buddy, he's one lucky boy. 


If anyone is interested in rehoming one of our wonderful boxers, please fill out a home finder form. This form can be found on the forms section of our website on the home page.

  'Fostering is one of the ways Great people help our rescue! Rewards are plenty, but the joy of helping is the most fulfilling!'

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