The way we work is, firstly dogs are vet checked and anything that needs to be done or updated is, such as vaccines etc. If a dog is entire the dog will go out with a spaying/neutering agreement for this to be done within a certain amount of time, we do not promote breeding so ALL our dogs will have to be done. Then, they are assessed and we go through our forms to see who matches the dogs needs, such as some dogs may not be suited to be in homes to which have other dogs etc. We then contact those who are suitable and go from there. So therefore, if you have not been contacted yet, then you do not match the current dogs needs which are in our care, but would be contacted if/when you do.



We do not very often post dogs on here, this does not mean we do not have any,  as we rely on the homefinder forms to work out who is right for them. So if you are wanting to rehome one of our boxers please fill out a home finder form. 


  'Fostering is one of the ways Great people help our rescue! Rewards are plenty, but the joy of helping is the most fulfilling!'

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