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Our Boxers Tales

Just a few of the success stories from some of rehomed Boxers and their families


Alfie came to us on 15th April 2009. John brought him. Alfie had been in a number of homes before coming to us. He was unsure who to listen to and it took him a while to know he wasn't going to go somewhere else. With a lot of cuddles, love and patients he turned into a lovely boy. Since he was with us he has been on the ferry to the isles of Scilly, Brighton pier, double decker bus and lots of holidays to Cornwall. Alfie passed over Rainbow Bridge on 18th May 2017.

We miss him so much - Becky Jones​



Buster was the most expensive rescue dog to come into the care of CSDBR I remember when we came to see him, he had been badly neglected, chained in his own filth day and night and just basically so badly treated it was heartbreaking. He was the most funny looking thing I'd ever seen, he was very skinny , so skinny that you could see his ribs and spine protruding, he had lumps and bumps all over his head and above his eyes, which at the time we thought were cysts and had this collar on as he'd just been neutered. I remember feeling quite disappointed as he wasn't pretty at all (in fact his nickname was fugly !!!) but then the dappy thing came right over to us wagging his skinny bum, ran off and got his head stuck in the fence !!! I knew then that he was the dog for us  and he'd fit right in with our family !! After a few weeks of having him we noticed a new cyst come up above his eye, not a problem we took him to the vet to be checked out. After some samples of the cyst were analysed we were called back to the vet to be told that my darling boys face was actually riddled with MRSA. We were told the poor boy contracted this because of his neglect, anyway to cut a long story short, after countless operations, thinking that he might die and very expensive drugs not forgetting the weekly vet visits, and also the care and medication we had to give him at home, we had to be extra careful as the family were at risk from his open wounds , my baby had one last operation to cure him. This operation was the biggest one yet an incision was made from ear to ear and down below his eyes and the diseased parts were cut away, he then had his flappy bits pulled over, basically my boy had a face lift !!!! I'm not going to lie it was tough, it was heartbreaking and caring for him was hard but not once did we ever think about putting him to sleep or giving him back, we needed him as much as he needed us! Two years on my baby is healthy and happy and is the most adorable amazing, affectionate dog I've ever met, he's our buster and he's here to stay!!! The CSDBR are a fantastic charity and I'm in awe of what they do if it wasn't for and the support we got from them I don't how we would have coped. So from the bottom of our hearts thank you for everything that you've done for us and most importantly thank you for bringing buster into our lives. - Carla Edgecombe


This is Ollie, our 3 year old boxer, we brought him home from Cornwall and Devon boxer rescue, last November. We had emailed Angie a week or two previously because we had lost our white deaf boxer a few weeks earlier. Angie asked if we would be interested in Ollie but said he was visually impaired.  He is actually virtually blind. Nevertheless that doesn't stop him, he has a lovely nature, loves to play with a ball and with anyone who will play with him. He gets around the house, garden etc easily, although we have had to fence in the pond as he walked into it the first day we brought him home! We are so pleased that he is part of our lives. Thank you Angie!

- Val Keen



I have Tilly (former Kent dog), who was rescued by The Dogs Trust, HCBW & helped by CSDBR back in 2011. Tilly was becoming lonely after we lost my second cat back in the October, so I thought long and hard about applying to rehome another rescue Boxer, I completed the correct homefinder questionnaire form and sent it in to Angie Fryett. I then waited for right dog that was a match to Tilly, myself and my lifestyle. I knew that it would be a wait but then out of the blue I received a phone call.  It was Angie, asking if I was at home and wanted a visitor! Angie arrived at our house and made a big fuss of Tilly, like she does with all boxer's. We got talking and I asked her what she was doing down my end of Cornwall, with that Angie just smiled...  I knew she had a dog in the ambulance and I went out to meet it.  She was a very shy, timid and underweight beautiful boxer. I spent time with her then she was introduced to Tilly, it was mad! They played and played, so I asked if she could stay and that was it, love at first sight both for Tilly and me. The following weekend was one of the charity’s beach meets in Falmouth. I took Ellie along to see everyone, I’d not let her off the lead until that day! She was such a great girl, recall was fantastic and she was a water babe, she hardly came out of the water, I've never seen a boxer swim like she does! Tilly didn't join us on that day as she was recovering from an operation.
Ellie goes from strength to strength, she gaining weight/muscle, her fur is shiny, and she's a happy Boxer who loves her walks and meeting other dogs but her favourite thing is to go swimming whatever the weather. - Helen Darby



This is Jed, who we adopted in May 2010 when he was 2 and a half years old. We fell in love with him when we saw the pictures of him looking very sorry for himself after having his eye removed and being neutered (who could blame him!!) He is a much loved member of our family and hopefully still have many years to come.

- Nic and Chris Lewis-Wilson



We got Jasper (left) on the 31st of August 2007 and Candy (right) in September 2008, whilst living in Newquay. Jasper was quite a handful being such a big boy (now 40kg) but he fit in instantly at home with us and eventually we decided he needed a playmate so we rescued Candy. I was only 9 when we got Jasper and remember waiting at the window for him to arrive and when he got out the van I said “he's not going anywhere”. He and Candy still love the occasional play time but mostly sleep in their old age. Every now and then we take them up to Salisbury Plain for a run, which is where they are in the photo. Candy always manages to find the muddiest puddle to lay in and comes home looking very mucky. Candy is deaf from birth, so having a friend was key for her and Jasper was her ears from day one. As my stepdad was in the army we moved around a fair bit so when we moved house Jasper would always nudge Candy when he left the room for a few days until she got used to her new surroundings. Both are still healthy and going strong, Jasper is 12.5 and Candy about 10. We are so lucky to still have two fantastic dogs and couldn't thank csdbr enough, their vet always calls Jasper a miracle dog as he has had surgery to remove a large epuli from the front of his mouth three times now, all at an elderly age, but bounces back immediately like nothing had happened. Despite being deaf Candy has always been much better behaved than her brother, and has the sweetest nature, perfectly suiting her name. Thank you so much to boxer rescue for giving us such brilliant and loving dogs.


  'Fostering is one of the ways Great people help our rescue! Rewards are plenty, but the joy of helping is the most fulfilling!'

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