Fund Buster URGENT PLEA 

Remember Buster, He is now called BUZZY. loving lad just 2 yrs of age. He came into our care and is not in need of our urgent help.

He has a condition similar to MRSA called MRSP which needs to be treated urgently. Your help is needed. We need to raise £2,900 to cover 3 months of medical treatment and medicine to fight the bacteria that is resistant in his forehead. You can see from the picture that he arrived already with infection in place and we hoped that the first round of treatment whilst in our care had worked. Unfortunately it did not. 

There is a virgin fund going for donations that will go direct to the charity to fund his treatment. 

Please give generously, this lad is worth it as only a young boy. More of the story on the virgin giving page click buton below.

BUZZY has healed fabulously and we have all but paid the veterinary bill for him. We have just £764.34

outstanding your donations to help clear this would be most appreciated. xx  

This pair of darlings are coming to us into foster in DARTMOUTH. they are a bonded pair and we would so love for them to stay together. 

They enjoy sleeps and walks and are both excellent with dogs, children, cats and everyone they meet.

A super pair who can be left for normal periods so suitable for part time workers. 

Clean and loving. 

They are both neutered and up to date with alltheir innoculations. 

They are not siblings. 

Anyone who has had boxers before know that the oldies are the best years. We will offer full support for emergency medical needs on both of these girls and ask that the new owners cover the basic costs as with any adopted dog, that includes pain relief, antibiotics. CSDBR reserve the right to decide what is best practice for their care with veterinary advise. 



Say hi to SID just 15 m old.. Now dont all rush at once, he has his issues even at his young age. Sid was saved by a lady from a home where he was not in the best conditions. He was surrounded by teen boys and has learnt a few bad habits with other dogs when on the lead. Off lead he is reasonable, but is very cautious around little yappy doggies. He adores his tennis ball and play times. Because he was soo thin when he arrived, he counter surfs and will chew when left at this time. All typicial behaviours of a young dog who has had no training or consistency in his short short life . He is very possessive over food with other dogs around so this darling will have to be placed as an only dog with someone willing to spend the time to train him and help him become the wonderful boxer he was born to be. His situation has formed him but so young has much potential to adjust to a new and happier life. Due to being a bouncy boy and playful, we will only place SID with teens who are used to dogs and able and willing to help his ongoing training needs.

Boxers end up in our care for numerous reasons but never through any fault of their own. More often than not it's due to changes in a family's circumstances, work commitments or sadly because their owners didn't realise what a Boxer requires of them.


Boxers Looking For Homes
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We are often asked what food we recommend. Burgess Sensitive is a fab food we use it for all our rescues in foster. It is a great start for those icky tummies and a great nutritional food for boxers in general. A sack will last 1 whole month for an average 33kg dog. please follow link.

Adoption Proceedures

Many thanks for considering a rescue boxer dog.

If you would like to rehome a boxer, please contact us using the form, or phone us and we will go through the proceedures with you.

We will carry out a homecheck and go through our homecheck form with you, although there is one on the site that you can print off and go through yourselves.  If a homecheck is not possible due to location, we will endeavour to get someone from another rescue to homecheck you or have a vet reference.

At the time of adoption we ask for a non refundable standard donation fee of £170 - £250 (dependent on age etc)  

We ask that you are patient with us as not all the dogs in our care are suitable for your situation, but will endeavour to find the right dog for you.  We do have contacts with other charities that also have lovely boxers needing homes and are always willing to work closely with them for the sake of the boxers.


We work really hard and spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that all dogs are rehomed into loving and suitable homes.

This is what we are here for. 


Just to let you know, we will pass on any information as we have it regarding how the boxer is settling.  But wish people to rest assured that we do keep in touch with the new owners and report back every so often if requested. We do check in on the boxer regularly, but believe in leaving the new owners to enjoy their new charges and always being there for guidance and support when needed.

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'Fostering is one of the ways Geat People help our rescue! Rewards are plenty, but the joy of helping is the most fulfilling!'

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